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Lucy Man 

Born in Hong Kong, Lucy is a private pupil of Professor Choi Ching Fung who was awarded an honor of National Chinese Calligrapher from China. She is currently a member of the Chinese Art Artist Association, the Hong Kong Chinese Art Association, the China and Hong Kong Female Calligraphers Association, founder and teacher of Lucy calligraphy and piano studio. 

Focus on regular script, running script and cursive script. Her representative works include "小楷心經" and "甘露譜" in gold color. In 2019, she attended press conference of the Hong Kong Mount Everest Climbing Team and donated the work "毅力" in support. The recent work is on the creation of tailor-made artworks, events and teaching, with international brands, business organizations, Hong Kong teams and schools around the world, clients including Louis Vuitton, Rosewood Hong Kong, Gucci Beauty, Microsoft, Casio, Qeelin, Tea Chateau, Harvard College.

Lucy is also a piano teacher with DipABRSM Certificate in piano performance. With work experience about 3D design, keep explore the relationship between different style of music and visual arts.


香港出生, 師承中華人民共和國文化部高級書法家 - 蔡清風教授, 為其入室弟子; 現為香港中華慈善藝術家聯會、香港中國美術會、中硬書協香港女書法家協會會員、文氏書法及鋼琴工作室創辦人兼書法導師。


擅長標準楷書、行書及草書, 代表作品包括<小楷金字心經>、<甘露譜>。於2019年出席香港珠穆朗瑪峰攀山隊發佈會, 捐贈作品 <毅力> 一幅以作支持。近年來專注於創作書法訂製作品、即席揮毫活動以及小班教學, 範疇有國際品牌、商業機構、香港代表隊、學校, 包括 Louis Vuitton, Rosewood Hong Kong, Gucci Beauty, Microsoft, Casio, Qeelin, Tea Chateau, Harvard College。

擁有英國皇家音樂學院 – 鋼琴演奏文憑 DipABRSM、擅長國畫翎毛技法、研習工筆畫以及設計工作經驗, 藝術創作領域廣寬。

“Well organized, easy to learn.

Lucy is a patience teacher who will give you advice to do better.” 

Jessie Wong, Microsoft

“It is so meaningful that I can create my own Fai Chun.”

Kent Yeung, Milton Exhibits

“We like the Fai Chun that she gave us.” 

Louis Vuitton

Collaboration & Collector

香港珠峰攀山隊       鄧兆麟大律師     李國輔大律師     劉育港醫生     陳瑋祺醫師

馬信康機長     天鑄    立橋人壽     金栢資產管理有限公司       理大工業及系統工程榮休教授李榮彬教授

Casio日本卡西歐計算機株式會社      CHKMCU中國香港攀總      Caceis     The Chinese University of Hong Kong

ConceptComs     Complus Asset Management Limited     Ethical Software Limited

GL events China      GL Furniture Imagine Lab      Gucci Beauty

Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations

Hong Kong Government Flying Service       Hong Kong Broadband Network

Jebsen Group       La Salle College      Lions Clubs International District      Louis Vuitton

Maryknoll Convent School       Microsoft       Milton Exhibits       Nature Bliss      

Oh Production PR Agency      The Peak Hunter      Pico      Qeelin

Rosewood Hong Kong      Tea Chateau      Well Link Insurance Group      WA-SHU Taipei

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